Transitions Offers Dumbwaiters for an Improved Lifestyle

A dumbwaiter for the home can unlock new possibilities, save time, prevent injuries, and provide a valuable asset for years of daily use. Transitions has just the one, too. Our home dumbwaiter is easier to install and comes with an outstanding warranty.

Dumbwaiter owners can send laundry downstairs to the washing machine or send tools up from the basement workshop in a snap. The unit can make two, three, or four stops, depending on how it's configured and travels around 20 feet per minute, give or take for extra cargo weight.

By utilizing a dumbwaiter, anyone can avoid the injury and strain that's always a possibility when carrying heavy loads between floors. Staircase injuries are common, no matter the age of the resident. Why not avoid the risk if you can?

And not only does a dumbwaiter provide extra convenience while you own your home, it can also add resale value and elegance when it comes time to sell your home, as well. Small amenities add up to real luxury and a truly unique property.

Let Transitions help you bring yours to life! We have dumbwaiters, elevators, and other accessibility products that can be installed quickly and efficiently. Call us today to find out more about how we can help!

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