Transitions Now Brings You Vacuum Elevators

Vacuum elevators are the latest in safe, eco-friendly elevator design, and we are proud to bring them to our customers in the Lexington, Cincinnati, and Louisville areas.

Not only are they innovative, they are also beautifully sleek and offer a glass elevator experience at a lower cost than traditionally possible. With three different sizes, we have a vacuum elevator to suit most needs whether it’s for wheelchair accessibility, chair lift accessibility, or simply for convenience and style.

The pneumatic power means that you won’t need a pit, hoist way, or machine room. The vacuum elevator is a self-supporting structure and can travel up to 35 feet while making up to four stops along the way.

Installation may take as little as two days, and the unit is sure to bring extra value to your home without eating up as much valuable area as comparable elevator units. The atmospheric pressure generated by vacuum pumps provides the lift, meaning the usual pulley and cable maintenance is eliminated. Fewer parts typically translates into less money spent on upkeep and replacement.

And with quality materials, important safety features, and a beautiful 360-degree view, there is more to mention than one blog can handle. Check us out next week for more on the differences between the three models. For immediate information, call us now at 1-877-341-3555.

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