Transitions Mobility & Elevator Financing Options

Money is a consideration for everyone. Whether we provide services for a business, an individual, a church, or some other organization, it’s always a factor, and we’re sensitive to that. The fact is we sell products that help improve lives in various ways, and we want to make sure our products are available to as many people, businesses, and entities as possible.

We derive a great deal of satisfaction from providing access where none existed prior to our arrival. And since we deal with our customers as people first, that means we rely heavily on customer service to assess each individual need. And when it comes to funding and financing, we offer a variety of options to suit individual needs.

Financing can be obtained through Sharpe Financing (0% loans up to $25,000!), Spring Leaf Financial, Kentucky Assistive Technology Loan Corporation, and Rural Repair and Rehabilitation Loans and Grants.

Grants and other funding are available from Hart-Supported Living Grant, Area Agencies on Aging and Independent Living/Disability Resource Mission, Kentucky Transitions, and (as noted previously) the Rural Repair and Rehabilitation Loans and Grants.

Moreover, veterans have additional options, including the HISA program, the SAH grant program, as well as the SHA grant program. The latter grant option is for veterans or service members who need help with mobility issues throughout the home.

With an abundance of financing, funding, and grant options available, don’t assume that you or your organization cannot afford one of our lifts. We take pride in working with customers to find options that will help turn goals into reality.

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