Transitions Lift for Residential Inclined Wheelchair Lifts

There was a time when being confined to a wheelchair meant that multiple-level homes were impossible to inhabit, and public buildings ranged anywhere from posing a time-consuming hassle to a serious danger. Thankfully, most public and corporate buildings now fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), requiring accessibility measures to be taken for those who get around via a wheelchair.

Here at Transitions Lift, we offer the Residential Inclined Wheelchair Lift - TIL3000, which provides an ideal solution for homes and other buildings with stairs. It allows a wheelchair to move from level to level, which is necessary for those who cannot transfer from a chair lift and for those who need their wheelchair in order to move from room to room. Battery backup provides additional peace of mind, in case of power failure.

In addition, we also have the Indoor/Outdoor Inclined Wheelchair Lift - TIL7000, which has a compact design that fits some narrower stairways. The ramp automatically folds at each end, and the track is mounted to the stairs themselves instead of the wall.

These models are surprisingly affordable. Whether you are addressing the need of a family member, co-worker, or other associate (or simply bringing your building up to code for the benefit of members of your local community) you’ll find that we can provide you an excellent wheelchair lift, install it, service it, and provide additional support, all at a great price.

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