Transitions Has Your Stair Lift and Elevator Parts and Service

If you have an elevator, stair lift, wheelchair lift, LULA, or virtually any accessibility product, Transitions has the parts you need when you need to perform repairs or maintenance. Making sure you have the exact parts for the job is not only a safety concern, but also it will enhance the life of your product, as well.

And when it comes to service, Transitions has well trained, experienced staff members ready to answer your call. We proudly back our own products, as well as providing support for ones not originally installed by us. For most brands on the market, we have you covered. (We even handle some of the more obscure products and brands, as well.)

Another great aspect of our service is that we are available to help in Kentucky, southern Ohio, and southern Indiana. With a vast service area like that, we have garnered a lot of useful experience, plus a widespread group of satisfied customers who can vouch for our attention to detail and courteous service.

Providing outstanding service and fair deals on elevator and lift parts and service rounds out our commitment to our customers to sell them the best products, install the products properly, and then to help maintain them with service and parts. We think you’ll appreciate all that we have to offer—try us and see!

Elevator & Lift Installation & Service Professionals