Transitions Has Your Pre-Owned Refurbished Stair Lifts

Transitions prides itself on serving people of all budgets. And while new stair lifts have some obvious advantages, sometimes it just makes more sense (whether it’s economic or otherwise) to go with a pre-owned stair lift.

You won’t see refurbished stair lifts available from every accessibility product retailer, but we feel it’s an important way of extending our customer service here at Transitions. When we can help and service more people with different needs, we view that as an opportunity, which is exactly how we feel about used stair lifts.

These quality-made, pre-owned stair lifts offer one of the best values on the market. Transitions sells refurbished Bruno stair lifts—just like the models we sell new, only at less cost to our customers.

All of the stair lift systems go through a multi-point inspection and cleaning, including the installation of a brand new battery. And some even have some time left on the original manufacturer’s warranty. Plus, for any other issues, Transitions has a first-class maintenance and repair team to offer additional peace of mind to the buyer.

Obviously, inventory fluctuates with pre-owned stair lifts, so call us today to find out what’s currently available!

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