Transitions Back at the New Home & Remodeling Marketplace

We had another great weekend at the New Home & Remodeling Marketplace. It's always nice to mingle with our fellow HBA partners and educate people about elevators.

The New Home & Remodeling Marketplace is a Home Builders Association of Lexington event held each year at the Kentucky Horse Park, and it provides a wonderful venue for an exchange of ideas, concepts, and products available from the various vendors in and around Lexington, KY. Everyone comes away with more industry knowledge, which helps all of us provide better overall service to our customers for the coming year.

Participating with HBA partners is just one of the ways we stay sharp at what we do. It also allows us to educate the community in our area of expertise, namely elevators, stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, and other accessibility and lift products.

Home elevators need to be installed professionally, and the more experience you have dealing with the inevitable issues that arise, the better off your end result will be. We value safety, courtesy, and style, just like our customers. Our home elevators look amazing, and we just love to experience the home transformation with each new customer we have.

If you are thinking about adding an elevator to your home, you probably have questions. Well, we have the answers, and we're eager to explore your options with you. Call us today and get the home elevator experts on your side!

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