Thoughts On Our Residential Inclined Wheelchair Lift

At Transitions, we offer a variety of solutions for transporting people from one building level to the next building level because not all solutions work for all people. For example, since some people are not physically able to transfer into a chair lift, we instead offer residential inclined wheelchair lifts. While both are great products, it is important to serve the particular needs of the customer.

A residential inclined wheelchair lift has a standard lifting capacity of 500 lbs., which is ample in most situations. In the event that more capacity is needed, however, we do have a model that will lower and raise up to 750 lbs. Add to that a standard battery backup (which will bring the platform up and down repeatedly) and what you have is a safe, sturdy lift that can change the lives of those who need it.

The residential inclined wheelchair lift is ideal for homes, but it also helps public buildings like offices, schools, and churches become ADA-compliant in a way that makes everyone’s lives richer and more enjoyable. Plus, like most of our products, it’s made in the USA, so it has that expected American high quality and reliability built into it.

When you consider the improved lives and the safer, more convenient environments created by a residential wheelchair lift, it’s no surprise how popular they are. If you are interested in purchasing one, please contact us, and we’ll help answer all of your questions and guide you through the process.

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