Team Transitions at the Lexington Walk to Defeat ALS

Team Transitions participated in the recent Walk to Defeat ALS here in Lexington, and we’re very pleased and grateful to report that we exceeded our donation goal in the process. And while the walk may be over, the need for donations goes on. Our team is committed to continue raising money and awareness for this disease that attacks thousands each year in the United States.

ALS was brought to prominence in the late 1930s when famous New York Yankees slugger, Lou Gehrig, was diagnosed with the disease. Two short years after delivering one of the most memorable farewell speeches in sporting history, ALS claimed Gehrig’s life. ALS stands for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and is a progressive and fatal neuromuscular disease that affects the body’s most basic functions, such as the ability move, swallow, and breathe.

Since the cause of ALS has yet to be determined clearly, everyone is at risk for contracting it. Given the short life expectancy once symptoms present (2-5 years on average), this disease is both cruel and swift. If you can contribute to this worthy cause, please feel free to do so via the Team Transitions ALS Association Kentucky Chapter page located here: Thanks in advance for your support in this cause!

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