Taking Advantage of Your Different Residential Elevator Options

When it comes to residential elevators, you’ve never had more options than you have right now. Transitions features winding drum elevators, hydraulic elevators, pitless elevators, vacuum elevators … you name it!

And you know, there are just as many reasons to install a home elevator as there are options from which elevator to choose. Some people enjoy moving from floor to floor without having to use stairs. This is especially handy when moving things—anything from laundry to large furniture.

Others realize the boost home elevators provide to home values and the overall impact to a home’s décor. Still others utilize elevators to resolve mobility issues. It’s truly amazing how versatile home elevators can be.

Transitions is the local expert in elevator customization and installation in Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati, and all points in between those cities. We just recently began offering vacuum elevators and already have some exciting applications for that new product line.

Come to our showroom, and we’ll discuss all your options. From glass elevators to gearless luxury home elevators, we most likely have an elevator that will work perfectly for your needs. Call or email us today!

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