Stair Lift Strategy for Staircases With a Landing

When it comes to staircase configurations, there are a lot of different designs. Especially within buildings with high ceilings, you often see stairs broken up with a landing in the middle to prevent the stairwell from becoming too large.

For people attempting to provide accessibility within this type of scenario, a couple of different options exist. And partnering with Transitions Lift + Elevator can help you sort out which option is best for you.

First, you can install two separate straight-rail stair lifts. This is typically the most cost effective option, but it does present one potential difficulty. The stair lift user must move from one lift to the other in order to reach the top or bottom of the stairs.

The other option involves a curved-rail stair lift that will wrap around and make the turn from one rail path to the other one. Though this is more expensive, it does allow the stair lift user to travel all the way up and down in one trip (as opposed to two trips with two different lifts).

Either way, Transitions has you covered. We have installation experts on staff, and we routinely make customizations based on the particular needs of our customers.

Contact us today, and we'll help you get the best stair lift (or other accessibility product) for your building!

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