Stair Lift Features That Matter

Understandably, most customers don't know much about stair lifts until they are in the market for buying one. And even then, it can be difficult to sort through the different models, features, and customizations that are available to them.

It's important for customers to organize a list or priorities before shopping. This will help keep the information from becoming overwhelming while browsing different models. Here are some factors to consider prior to purchase.

First off, consider your budget. There can be a broad price range, so you will want to find something that fits your needs without purchasing features that you don't.

Next, think about safety. Does the lift sense when objects are blocking its path? Does it have a power lock? Does it have a battery backup for occasions when the power goes out in the home? You want a stair lift that is going to be functional but also safe.

Finally, do you need a straight-rail or curved-rail stair lift? Can you sit up and stand up from the traditional full-seated model? Would you like a remote control call button so that your lift will always be available to you on whatever floor you're occupying.

In the end, Transitions will help make sure you end up with the right lift for you. Our experience allows us to assist in the purchase process and often prevent trouble before it starts. Our service is second to none, and we take great pride in serving all of our customers. Come to Transitions and find out how we can provide you a great experience from purchase through installation and maintenance.

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