Stair Lift Features That Keep You Safe and Comfortable

Safety and comfort are two of the most important features you will find in a stair lift. And those who have never had one before will be pleasantly surprised at how robust the features are in stair lifts sold, installed, and maintained by Transitions.

Our stair lifts are remarkably stable, with different models accommodating 300 lbs., 400 lbs, etc. They attach at the stairs themselves (not on the wall), so you enjoy extra peace of mind. Plus, a wide range of safety enhancements like back-up power, battery power during power outages, safety belts, computer diagnostics (the list goes on and on) really ensure maximum safety for the rider.

And all of this safety doesn’t come at the price of comfort, either. Padded seats make for a pleasant trip, and swivel seats make getting in and out so much easier. They’re quiet. And even though the stair lifts themselves are rather discreet and fold up out of the way when not in use, they are generously constructed to allow for a relaxing user experience.

Stair lifts can make a big difference in the quality of life of a homeowner. Knowing that they’re safe and comfortable enhances that feeling. Here at Transitions, we are proud of all the customers we’ve helped over the years and continue to help through routine maintenance. If you’re in a need of a stair lift, let us help you, too. Our caring, professional staff is ready to assist!

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