Stair Lift Battery Questions Answered

Battery life is a concern with everything from cars to laptops and cell phones. And while batteries can last for years, everyone expects (and hopes) their products will outlive the life of their battery.

Battery life is also a concern for stair lift owners. And when new owners first get their stair lifts installed, one of their top questions involves battery life and how long they can expect it to last.

Transitions Lift + Elevator understands this and tries to make sure all new stair lift owners receive answers to all their questions so that their ownership experience will be as smooth as possible.

Most new stair lift batteries will run well for 3-5 years, but this can vary depending on usage. Most manufacturers recommend that the batteries receive some daily use to keep them active.

Units that operate on battery power do recharge via the charging strip typically located at either end of the lift's track. And most units are designed to stop on the chargers or have charging contacts along the rails themselves.

This is just a small example of some of the information waiting for you at Transitions. If you're thinking about a stair lift, come to us and let us explain all the basics. We can even help you choose the right lift for your particular space and needs.

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