Some of the Many Benefits of a Home Elevator

Home elevators make a wonderful addition to a home for many reasons. Whether added as an accessibility product or another reason, it’s easy to see why elevators are a popular home add-on feature.

For example, we all know money talks. Well, did you know that an elevator can add up to 10% to your home value? That’s based on a national U.S. average. And while every house situation should be assessed individually, an increase in home value is a real bonus to the owner.

This is especially true for those who need the lift, anyway. A home elevator represents a great way to get up and down from different floors in the house with an efficient use of space and a low maintenance requirement. Our home elevators can be installed in as few as 24 square feet and require as little routine maintenance as a furnace or air conditioner.

Factor in the safety advantages, and you have a really special home amenity. Reducing the chances of falling down stairs helps people age in place and keep the homes they love.

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