Some Considerations Prior to Purchasing an Elevator or Lift

Do you have access problems in your building? Once you have asked and answered a few simple questions, you’ll be on your way to knowing exactly what product you need in order to solve existing issues.

First, contemplate the physical abilities of the potential user(s). Are you in a home where the stair or lift will be installed to assist someone in particular? If so, consider that person’s ability to get in and out of a stair lift versus possibly needing an inclined wheelchair lift. Are you shopping on behalf of a public building where multiple users will access the lift or elevator? In that case, consider trying to provide the product that will help the most people, whether that happens to be an elevator or some other type of lift.

Besides the people who will benefit from the lift, also consider the building structure and staircase structure currently present in the building. What will function best within the available space? Consider the aesthetics. We sell lifts and elevators that not only perform important functions but also look good and add value to the home or building.

So what do you do if you’re having trouble answering one or more of these questions? Not to worry—Transitions Lift & Elevator is staffed by trained experts who are eager to guide you through the process and tailor your purchase to your specific needs. Every situation is different, and we have the experience in custom jobs that allows us to make your vision a reality.

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