Situations Where a Stair Lift Rental May Be Preferable

Sometimes there are situations where buying is not the best option. Generally speaking, this is when the need in your home for a stair lift is deemed to be temporary. Perhaps due to a recent surgery or a visit by a relative in need, you may only need a stair lift for a limited amount of time.

We offer rental packages that accommodate this need and include all of the extras that will give you peace of mind and make a potentially difficult time smoother. We will install the stair lift, provide any necessary service or maintenance while it is in your home, and remove it when the rental period is complete. Rental availability applies to our straight rail stair lift and includes all of the quality design features as the ones we sell.

You may be surprised that some people put off surgeries (many times on joints like knees and hips) simply because they have second-floor bedrooms and are daunted by the idea of not being able to sleep in their own beds during recovery. Others are hesitant to invite family members due to questions about how a two-story house will complicate the life of someone lacking the ability to go up and down stairs. Whatever the reason, feel secure in the knowledge that Transitions Lift & Elevator can meet your needs for a stair lift in just about any situation on either a temporary or permanent basis.

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