Save Money with Transitions Lift & Elevator

If you are in the market for a new and installed accessibility lift, elevator, or material lift product, we at Transitions Lift & Elevator guarantee you the lowest price available. And if by some chance you find a lower competing price on the same installed product, we’ll beat it and then some. It is our commitment to serving our customers and providing great value that helps us ensure long-term success, and we aim to remain tops in the lift and elevator business.

And for those customers who find that even the lowest prices are slightly out of financial reach, we have help for them, as well, in the form of convenient funding and financing options. That’s right—we’ve done much of the homework for you when it comes to obtaining the money to purchase our products.

For example, Sharpe Financing has same-as-cash programs that provide 0% financing possibilities on loans up to $25,000 in value. Spring Leaf Financial helps customers obtain personal loans for home modifications, and their limit goes up to $10,000. Kentucky Assistive Technology Loan Corporation offers low-interest loans for customers in need of products just like the ones we sell—ones that increase independence and quality of life through home modification.

In addition to loan options, some customers will qualify for grant funding. Rural Repair and Rehabilitation is a federal program that issues grants (as well as loans) to qualified applicants who seek alterations that improve health and safety. The Hart-Supported Living Grant, Area Agencies on Aging and Independent Living/Disability Resource Mission, and Kentucky Transitions all serve as resources for those who need help affording lifts and elevators.

Plus, there are several important VA programs, too. Home Improvements and Structural Alterations (HISA), Specialty Adaptive Housing (SAH), and Special Home Adaptation (SHA) are all veteran programs that can help make home lifts and elevators a reality for those who need them.

With all these assistance options and our own low-price guarantee, there is no reason to put off your elevator and lift shopping due to price concerns. And with our experts available to guide you through the process, your questions will be answered, as we identify the best product option to suit your needs.

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