Savaria Telecab Home Elevator Installation

Some people who are new to the subject of home elevators may not realize just how discreet they can be. We recently installed a Savaria Telecab home elevator, and we have included photos from that install to accompany this blog piece.

This model has developed a reputation as a vanishing elevator, as it utilizes a guide rail system through a cutout in the floor and requires no lift well in order to function. Not only does it look nice within the home, it helps maintain safety by keeping the machinery aspects of the lift enclosed and hidden.

As far as specs go, it is a two-stop elevator that will carry up to 500 lbs within a 30”x46” cab. The installation process is streamlined, which means that we can pass that savings along to the customer. For peace of mind, the Telecab features (among other things) a telephone, emergency stop and alarm buttons, and a battery-powered lowering option for power outages.

For anyone concerned about losing space or aesthetics within the home décor, the Savaria Telecab is a great option. We here at Transitions Lift & Elevator are ready to take you through the process, from the initial Q&A through the installation process. Plus, we service lifts so that our customers always have the assurance that an expert is maintaining their investment.

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