The Right Straight Rail Lift for Your Public Building

Do you have straight-run stairs in your building? Do you need an access solution for those who are unable to utilize the stairs? If so, our commercial straight rail inclined wheelchair lift is just the solution you need.

Built to be safe and dependable, the S64 provides a method of transitioning levels for wheelchairs. Designed to be installed on a straight-rail, constant gradient stairway, this model can be mounted to the wall, stanchions, or some other available fixed material.

Of course, the S64 fulfills ADA-compliancy obligations, providing access where an elevator or vertical platform lift is not in use. Building owners feel confident knowing that the public has what it needs via a durable, secure lift product. It even has a fold-up seat that can be used by someone not in a wheelchair.

Combine all that with a great look and feel—its design really complements public space architecture really well. And it folds up nicely when not is use, allowing for the full use of the stairway. There’s a reason you see this model so frequently—it’s a great lift!

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