A Residential Vertical Platform Lift from Transitions

Wheelchair access is important wherever steps may be found. Whether it's inside a building or outside on a porch or deck, the same issue of access presents itself. A wheelchair lift is a great solution for this dilemma.

Transitions Lift + Elevator carries a great Bruno lift that performs well both inside and outside, no matter where you need to provide the access. The residential vertical platform lift helps wheelchair users go up and down stairs safely and efficiently.

This particular lift is designed for low-rise applications, and the installation process is typically very straightforward. It can even be put in place as a temporary lift while a patient uses a wheelchair while recovering from injury.

With 14 feet of vertical reach and a carrying capacity of 750 pounds, the lift has a versatility that works in its favor in a wide range of applications. It's safe, sturdy, and affordable, which all combine to make this lift a fine choice for many building owners.

For all your wheelchair lift needs, Transitions has you covered. From your initial questions through the sale and installation of your lift and beyond to the service and maintenance of your lift throughout its life, our friendly experts are there for you.

Contact us today and start reaping the accessibility benefits of having a wheelchair lift on your property!

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