Residential and Commercial Dumbwaiter Installation

When it comes to dumbwaiters, the concept isn’t much different from the elevators and lifts we use to transport people from one level to another level. The difference exists in the fact that dumbwaiters are used to transport objects rather than people.

Over the years, people have used them within their residences to connect kitchens with dining rooms or bathrooms and hallways with laundry rooms. Strictly speaking, the possibilities are endless, though, and dumbwaiters may serve whatever needs are required of their owners. The dumbwaiter we offer uses a unique drive train and track system that makes installation a snap and increases the overall affordability of the product.

Dumbwaiters have been used commercially by a variety of businesses and institutions over the years. Universities install them in their libraries and laboratories; whereas, restaurants use them in much the same way a homeowner does in the kitchen. Our commercial model is available either at floor height or counter height (depending on its intended use) and carries up to 500 lbs. With up to 10 square feet of cab space and a speed up to 50 floors per minute, this dumbwaiter is a great tool for efficiency.

Whatever the reason, we probably have a dumbwaiter to suit your needs. Contact us now if you have any questions or if you are interested in learning more about dumbwaiter options.

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