Required Annual Commercial Elevator Safety Inspections

At Transitions, we pride ourselves on our expertise. Not only do we sell commercial lifts and elevator equipment, we also install, maintain, repair, and inspect them, too.

And while regulations do vary a bit from state to state, they do all require periodic elevator inspections. And who better to provide your safety inspection than Transitions? We know elevators inside and out, and we know how to look for problems, whether they are structural or electronic in nature.

Chances are, the public is currently depending on your public building to function and help provide daily services. Your elevator is a vital machine allowing all of the flow of activity, movement, and commerce to take place.

Don't wait. Call Transitions and schedule your annual certificate of operation inspection so that you remain in compliance and don't lose any days of service with your elevator. We will verify your elevator's functionality and safety, and we can fix any potential issues that are uncovered during the inspection. Either way, you get peace of mind and certification.

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