Reasons a Home Elevator Is a Good Idea

For some, the answer is obvious. A home elevator represents renewed freedom and the restoration of mobility throughout a home or building. Whether it’s due to a condition from birth, an illness, an accident, or just the wear and tear of life, some people need assistance getting up and down from one floor to another floor. An elevator obviously represents a great solution to this challenge.

But did you know that an elevator can add 10% to your home value? It’s true. Elevators not only look good, but they can save a lot of space as compared with staircases. Plus, they’re low maintenance, comparable to other major appliances.

Add to it the safety features, and it’s easy to see why an elevator could be preferable to a staircase. People get injured all the time slipping on stairs, and (especially as we age) there’s just no reason to take any unnecessary chances navigating flights of stairs within the home environment several times per day.

Any time you can add comfort, style, and value to your home, it’s worth looking into it. If you’ve ever been curious about home elevators, give us a call at Transitions and let us answer your questions. You don’t have to be an expert in order to make this upgrade happen—leave that to us! We’ve been perfecting our methods for years.

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