Purchasing a Straight Rail Stair Lift from Transitions

Getting up and down from one floor to another can be difficult for some home residents. Whether due to injury, age, or illness, there are a variety of reasons people experience challenges when it comes to using multiple levels within a home.

At Transitions, we have years of experience helping customers overcome these challenges. One popular method is installing a stair lift within the home. And since a lot of staircases are one direct flight, straight rail stair lifts often make the most sense.

Transitions carries the Bruno Elan SRE 3000, a great stair lift made right here in the USA, that carries up to 300 pounds and has proven its reliability over the years. It has a great combination of safety, performance, and an affordable price.

Its standard features include battery power, collapsible arm, seat and footrests, a broad seating area, a smooth ride, close-mounting to the wall, and a continuous charge strip, among other things. With all that, you really don't have to upgrade.

But for those who want even more style and comfort, the Bruno Elan SRE 3000 also offers extra options like a power swivel seat, folding rails, and a folding footrest.

Taking all of that into consideration, it's easy to see what a great product it is. And all this and more is available via Transitions. We can help you choose the right accessibility device for your needs and provide all the service you need for the life of your machine.

Contact us today to find out more about how a straight rail stair lift can help you!

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