A Pre-Owned Stair Lift May Be Right For You

Purchasing an item new is not always the best choice for every consumer. Sometimes it's a matter of making an economic decision, while other times it may be a case of desiring a particular model that's no longer in production.

Whatever the case may be, it's nice to have options. And when it comes to purchasing a stair lift, we here at Transitions Lift + Elevator recognize that our customers have varying needs, as well. And we feel we can serve them best by offering used stair lifts in addition to our already outstanding variety of new models.

We refurbish the stair lifts so that they're completely ready to go when you buy them. You get a quality pre-owned stair lift, and a perfectly good piece of equipment receives a second life. Everybody wins!

A refurbished stair lift obviously saves money, but there are other advantages, too. Oftentimes, the pre-owned lifts still have some time left on their manufacturer's warranty. But if anything ever goes wrong, you have the expert repair team at Transitions backing you up with great service support.

Our inventory varies, of course, so if you're interested in a pre-owned stair lift, please contact us to find out more about our current selection. Get a deal on a clean, professionally inspected stair lift—call Transitions today!

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