Planning for Your Stair Lift Purchase

Well, first of all the great news is that you don’t have to plan for your stair lift purchase if you don’t want (or don’t have time) to do it. Transitions Lift + Elevator has expertly trained team members ready to answer any question you may have and anticipate issues you may not have even considered.

For example, you may be wondering about a staircase that is broken up into two flights with a landing in between them. We can explain the different ways to handle this scenario. The cheaper option will be to install two separate stair lifts, but that does create an extra transfer for the user. We can help you weigh these options.

Countless other questions may occur to you as the buying process evolves. Everything from cost to safety and installation logistics can provoke multiple questions that all impact one another. Having been through the process so many times, we can help you sort through your questions and then see the overall big picture, as well.

So come see us with your list of questions about your stair lift purchase. Or don’t come with any questions at all. Either way, we’ll be able to help you because we know the answers to your questions about stair lifts, and we also know the questions to ask (even when you don’t).

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