Planning a Pool Lift for Next Pool Season

Now that the swimming pools have been shut down for the year and cooler weather is upon us, it is time to consider and plan for next year’s pool season. And given how relaxing, therapeutic, and stimulating some time in the swimming pool can be, there is no reason that everyone shouldn’t be able to join in the fun. And while some friends and family may need a little help getting in and out of the pool, that help has arrived in a variety of pool lifts that we offer.

The Pro Pool Lift is not only ADA compliant, it is at the forefront of pool lift technology and offers all of the therapeutic benefits you would expect in a compact, yet sturdy (it lifts up to 400 lbs.) unit. Its resting home position is outside of the pool, so you don’t give up any pool area when it isn’t in use. Plus, it may be bolted permanently to the deck or paired with our portable pool lift kit to make it transportable.

For those watching their budget, the Ranger provides a solid choice, as a discreet lift that carries up to 300 lbs. and is also durable and reliable in construction.

And no discussion on pool lifts would be complete without mentioning the amazing Revolution series, which carries up to 600 lbs. and works with both above ground and in ground pools and spas. The extra carrying capacity is a welcome advancement in pool lift product offerings, and this unit’s versatility opens the door to pool owners who were previously shut out of the market. There is even a Wheelchair Picker version that includes a 22” wheelchair with the lift.

Perhaps you have never considered a pool lift before now, and you may have many questions about purchasing, installing, and maintaining one for yourself. Here at Transitions Lift & Elevator, we have you covered on all areas when it comes to pool lifts (or any other lifts, too). Let us know how we may help by giving us a call. We’d love to hear from you.

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