Planning for a Home Elevator

Installing an elevator into an existing home can be a real undertaking because the original builder didn't make any accommodations that would ease the process. That's why it's important to put your trust in an experienced, reputable company like Transitions Lift + Elevator so you can avoid the possible pitfalls that tend to crop up along the way.

A lot of lost time, unnecessary expense, and stress can be avoided by planning a home elevator prior to construction. When approaching new construction, building plans can be amended so that an elevator fits the building seamlessly.

As a homeowner, you also avoid some of the costs associated with a home elevator. With no retrofitting to do, a well planned new home can have an elevator at a fraction of the cost of an existing home.

Plus, home elevators can mean big money when it comes to appraisals and home resale value. A 10% increase in home value is a widely accepted number for what you would expect after installing a home elevator. People love them because they're useful, attractive, and just plain cool!

The key is to get involved in the elevator planning early with your new construction. Contact us at Transitions because we can help you make the right decisions before you break ground on your new dream home. Reach out to us today for more details!

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