Planned Maintenance for Your Lift and Elevator

Regular maintenance is an essential aspect of machine ownership. Most of us are familiar with this concept through car ownership, and the same is true of any machine. No matter the function or the design, a machine invariably will have parts that need some manner of servicing.

So whether you own an elevator, a wheelchair lift, a stair lift, or some other lift (either installed by us or not) Transitions Lift + Elevator can perform the necessary, scheduled maintenance. Our technicians are well trained, professional, and experienced, making us a safe and reliable choice for customers both old and new.

With ownership comes the desire for longevity and optimal performance. Sticking to the recommended schedule of maintenance helps ensure that your lift or wheelchair will have a maximized lifespan.

We follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and apply the knowledge we’ve picked up over years in the business. Obviously, we perform the services on-site, so it’s as easy as picking up the phone and calling us.

So what are you waiting for … call today!

Elevator & Lift Installation & Service Professionals