Perfect Commercial Elevators for Smaller Buildings

Passenger elevators can create a great expense for a building owner. Particularly if you are the owner or overseer of an old facility, you may be facing issues with keeping your building as close as possible to its original (and possibly historic) condition, while also servicing the needs of those who require assistance in getting from one floor to another. In many cases, this is necessary to get back to code and be in good standing with the law.

Fortunately, there are elevator solutions that won’t break the bank. And while cost is always a factor, we feel proud to be able to deliver elevator solutions that are not only within a realistic budget but also provide endurance for the owner and safety for the users. The weight limit capacities are surprisingly high, and we find that the passengers get the elevator experience they expect, which is important for any building to be able to offer.

At Transitions Lift & Elevator, we service Lexington, Louisville, and the Cincinnati area, as well as all points around and in between. Our offerings in this category include our Low Rise Commercial Applications with Sliding Doors - TLU1000 model and our Commercial Compact Swing Door Elevator. Both offer great features and benefits and can be installed discreetly and stylishly.

If you need a commercial elevator, give us a call—we’re always happy to help answer questions and get customers started on the process.

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