Package Handling Lifts from Transitions

The warehouse can be a rough working environment. In fact, it's not uncommon for employees to sustain injuries while working in warehouses.

That's why sharp employers look for safety improvements everywhere that they can. Transitions has products that minimize the lifting burdens on the warehouse workers.

For example, our package handling lift conveys packages across a single level and moves packages up and down vertically, as well. It's specifically designed for automated system applications that require the lifting of boxes, cartons, packages, totes, containers or cases, providing nonstop transportation to or from balconies and mezzanines, over aisles or machinery, and between floors or conveyor levels. In other words, this package handler can really get around your warehouse.

As for its speed and capacity, Transitions offers this lift in two versions, one for fast jobs that lifts loads up to 100 pounds and another for heavier loads that lifts loads up to 500 pounds. Either way, the lift is safe, customizable, and provides a complete, continuous system.

For more information on our package handling lift, contact us toll free at 1-877-341-3555 or visit one of our lift and elevator showrooms, conveniently located in Lexington, Louisville, and Cincinnati.

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