Opening Up Possibilities with an Outdoor Curved Rail Stair Lift

It wasn’t that long ago when you simply couldn’t buy a curved rail stair lift that operated outdoors. People in need of such a lift were forced to find a different means of going up and down areas that would best be serviced by a curved rail stair lift. Fortunately, those days are over now, and we not only offer an outdoor curved rail stair lift, we offer the best one.

One problem the lift designers had to overcome was creating a lift that could stand up to the elements. Put to the task, they came up with a zinc coated rail system that won’t rust or weaken under harsh outdoor conditions.

Additional features include the ability to customize for each individual staircase. With the curved rail, you can make turns and bends that no straight lift can make—even spiral staircases. Plus, it handles steep stairs just as well as it does stairs with a more gradual incline.

No compromise was made on safety, either. From the seatbelts to the contact sensors, evidence that safety was a design priority abounds. With a 350 lb. weight capacity, too, it’s not only reliable and tough, it’s comfortable, as well.

If you are in need of an outdoor stair lift and you have a staircase with some unique dips and twists, you’ll really appreciate just how awesome these lifts are. Please contact us and let us show you what is possible—it may just be a life-changer for you or someone you love.

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