Not Sure About Stair Lifts? Rent One & See How You Like It

While this may not be the route most customers choose, it certainly is available and has some inherent benefits. Let’s face it. A generation ago, seeing a stair lift in a home or building would have been striking and a little bit unusual. Some people still may find the concept foreign, so renting is a way to introduce the benefits of a stair lift before making the full commitment of owning one.

These days, you’ll soon discover, a stair lift is mainstream equipment. The manufacturing industry is competitive, and lifts are built with safety, durability, and ease of use in mind. Stair lifts come with standard features that make them comfortable and simple to operate.

Our rental contracts provide everything you’ll need throughout the process, from the installation through the removal of the lift, including any service or maintenance required during the rental period. In a sense, you’ll gain experience with the entire process of stair lift ownership and obtain a comfort level that will provide confidence about your possible buying decision.

So whether you’re unsure about stair lifts or perhaps you have a short-term need for one to service a visiting relative, consider our rental options at Transitions Lift & Elevator.

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