New Laws In Place Affecting Elevator Industry

Owning any type of machinery is a big responsibility. Most of us realize that through the ownership of our cars, as we must maintain and operate under current laws and regulations set forth by the government. Generally, traffic and vehicle laws stay much the same, but when changes do occur, the burden is on the driver to abide by them.

The same is true with elevators. Under the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Department of Housing, Buildings & Construction, the Division of Building Codes Enforcement has jurisdiction over the safety regulations related to various built environments within the state, and this includes elevators. In fact, a member of Building Codes Enforcement inspects all elevators within the state each year.

With regard to elevator contractors and mechanics, new legislation was passed a little over a year ago with a grandfathering period that just ended this summer requiring new licensing. At Transitions Lift and Elevator, we pride ourselves on staying current on all licensing and regulations within the industry so that we can pass along that knowledge and peace of mind to our customers. Rest assured, when you hire us, we are meeting and exceeding safety standards in an effort to provide ideal customer experiences with our lift products.

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