Need a Lift Up and Down from Your Porch?

Sometimes accessibility is all about getting around better inside your home or building, but other times it just has to do with entering and exiting the structure itself. For those who don’t have issues with stairs, it may go unnoticed; however, most buildings and homes have some number of stairs that must be negotiated from a front, back or side porch entrance.

Our Bruno residential indoor/outdoor vertical wheelchair lift is just the ticket for these types of applications. The unit has weather protected controls and an automatic self-lowering folding ramp. Plus, it sports a generous lifting capacity of 750 pounds and (depending on the model) can lift over six feet from floor to floor level.

Add to it the separate up and down push-button switches with key switch control, the emergency stop switch on the platform (push to stop, pull to reset), the welded steel tubular guide construction with formed 16 GA sheet steel guarding, the totally enclosed formed-steel bottom safety pan, and an Acme screw drive, with backup safety nut—all the safety and durability you’ve come to expect from Bruno and products sold by Transitions Lift + Elevator.

At Transitions, we make the buying process simple yet informative. Then we make the installation run smoothly by providing our industry-leading expertise throughout the process, which all leads to an awesome start for our new lift owners. Maybe you could be our next one? Call today and we’ll help you meet your needs.

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