Make Your Church Accessible for All

Older buildings are wonderful. They have charm and character not easily conjured in new construction. It’s no surprise then that churches built in the 19th and 20th centuries (and even older) continue to attract congregations well into the 21st century. It helps preserve history and continuity, and it also provides a comforting sameness to generations over the years.

Unfortunately, many of these churches were not built in ways that make them independently accessible for all members of the church family. Staircases without accompanying ramps are very common, as are multi-level buildings without serviceable elevators.

This is where we can help. At Transitions Lift, we offer a broad range of lifts to eliminate access issues both inside and outside the building. For stairs leading to the church doors, we provide a Residential Outdoor Vertical Wheelchair Lift. Everyone will feel welcome and comfortable, knowing that they can get in and out of the church on their own.

For the interior of the church itself, we have a Courtroom/Rostrum Wheelchair Lift (CRL), which is a vertical platform lift that installs within millwork and provides discrete passage to raised areas in the sanctuary. We also have Limited Use/Limited Application Elevators, which function as high quality, small-scale elevators at a fraction of the cost of larger ones.

Our products are built strong and tough, and we offer top-notch installation, maintenance, and service, ensuring you will get the most out of every lift you purchase.

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