Let Our Package Handling Lift Work for You

Increase the productivity in your warehouse by purchasing a package handling lift from Transitions Lift + Elevator. Our Series DB Package Handling Lift is tough, efficient, and makes an economical use of space, (especially compared with an inclined conveyor) so that you can keep your building space for storing and moving product.

With a traveling speed from 60-400 feet per minute, a vertical reach of 50 feet, and the capability of lifting a 100-pound live load, it’s easy to imagine how our package handler can improve your business’s bottom line.

Its counterweighted design and lifting mechanism saves both energy consumption and horsepower requirements, while its lifting belt never requires lubrication. The entire lift is very low maintenance and features ultra smooth acceleration and deceleration.

It’s safe and may be loaded and unloaded from three different sides, greatly improving the manner in which the handling lift integrates into existing assembly line systems. Well-engineered, powerful, and tough, our customers soon wonder how they got along without one. If it sounds like something that may fit your needs, let us know—we’re happy to supply you all the information you need to make a buying decision.

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