Keeping Your Curved Staircase

Curved staircases have a definite role in design. Homes and buildings that have curved staircases in them have them for a reason, and typically that involves a combination of both form and function. They can be elegant and classic, lending both value and aesthetics to a hall or entryway.

At first glance, a curved staircase may pose an impossible task for an owner that would like to use it to provide access to people who cannot climb its stairs. It is one thing to visualize a solution to a straight-rail staircase, but it’s quite another to imagine how to accommodate a rail that curves.

Fortunately, however, curved stairlifts have been around for years now, and our customized Bruno model can be purchased and installed in just a matter of weeks. Our customers are delighted when they realize they can keep their curved staircase and enjoy maximum accessibility at the same time.

These are attractive, American-crafted stairlifts built to the highest standards for both comfort and safety. With many customizable features from which to choose, our Bruno offers a product that will complement the home you love, while providing a durable and valuable service to its users.

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