Installing a Porch Lift to Solve Access Issues

There are so many times in life when we get close to one goal or another, but we end up falling just short. The reasons vary—some are within our control, while others may be dictated to us by ungoverned circumstances.

For years, those who utilized wheelchairs or otherwise could not negotiate even one stair were unnecessarily cut off from access in and out of homes and buildings with porch steps. Even though these situations usually only called for movement up and down one-to-four stairs, they still presented an insurmountable physical obstacle, which reduced community and certain quality of life for many people.

Fortunately, we don’t live in those times anymore. With a residential outdoor vertical wheelchair lift from Transitions Lift & Elevator, it’s a snap to go up and down short stair flights. With two different models that range in floor to height movement from 53-75 inches and the power to lift up to 750 pounds, these lifts are the perfect solution for most porches.

Equipped with safety features and a durable construction, this solves the problem of access while assuring that each person who uses the lift will have a protected experience and that the lift itself will stand up against the elements. With the positive difference it can make in a person’s life, this lift is a real perk to be offered by any building owner or homeowner.

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