Inclined Wheelchair Stair Lifts

Need an accessibility solution that won't involve constructing a hoistway or cost an arm and a leg? If you have wheelchair accessibility needs, then you should consider an inclined wheelchair stair lift from Transitions Lift + Elevator.

The inclined wheelchair lift folds up when not in use, which allows for the most access to a staircase when the wheelchair lift is not in use. That way, both the lift users and non-users get the most accessibility out of the building together.

Transitions Lift + Elevator has such a wide variety of accessibility products that when it comes time to decide on the best option, it's a snap. Plus, since we specialize in designing inclined wheelchair lifts for use in commercial and residential spaces, we have you covered no matter what the building type.

Everything we sell is reliable and safe. Since we install and service our own units, we make sure we sell the top brands and provide the best in customer service. Our associates are polite, courteous, and knowledgeable, so you know your experience will be a positive one.

It isn't easy making changes in your life, and it can be daunting to make changes to a building. You need a stable partner to guide you through the process. Let Transitions Lift + Elevator be your accessibility partner!

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