Improve Work Efficiency with a Commercial Dumbwaiter

A commercial dumbwaiter is a great option for just about any public building where work is conducted on multiple floors. While not as large as elevators and not built for human transportation, this is advantageous in that a dumbwaiter uses less energy and has a smaller overall carbon footprint than an elevator has.

So even in a building where an elevator is utilized to move people from floor to floor, it often makes sense to install a dumbwaiter, as well, to transport objects more efficiently and in a separate manner than via a standard elevator.

Think of the efficiency passed along to the people who perform the work related tasks within the building, as they are saved countless trips moving between floors themselves. Instead, the dumbwaiter performs the role of transporter, while employees are allowed to return to the more skilled aspects of their job descriptions, eliminating lost time and empty workstations.

Dumbwaiters are safe, clean, and promote flexibility in the workplace. They can be loaded at either floor level or counter height. Plus, with many customizable options to choose from, building owners may select from different sizes, speeds, and weight capacities, ensuring just the right dumbwaiter for the needs within the building.

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