How Transitions Stands Behind Its Products

It's one thing to sell something, but it's an altogether different story to sell something and then always be there whenever the customer needs help. At Transitions, we believe strongly in customer service and ensuring we always perform our duties professionally and cheerfully.

One way we prove our commitment every day is by maintaining three showroom locations so that our customers always have the option of meeting with us face to face. Not only does this foster better personal interaction, it also allows us to show customers some of our products before they reach a buying decision.

Another way we show our dedication to our products and our customers is by installing the products ourselves. While others may leave it to contractors who may or may not have accessibility safety training, we always use our own well-informed, experienced technicians to perform our installations.

And the service doesn't end there. During the life of a lift or elevator, it will need a certain amount of manufacturer recommended routine servicing. We handle that for our customers, too. This is true for any necessary maintenance or repairs, as well, regardless of whether we originally sold and installed the lift.

We believe our professionalism and dedication to being an industry leader sets us apart from the competition. Come to one of our showrooms, and we think you'll agree. Contact us today to make your appointment now!

Elevator & Lift Installation & Service Professionals