Home Elevator Safety Awareness

Just as we mentioned last week about how important it is to have lifts installed by industry experts, it’s also important to be aware of safe practices when it comes to home elevators, as well. The homeSAFE (Safety Awareness for Elevators) Campaign was recently launched to help aid with this by getting the word out about proper elevator practices.

For the consumer, this process begins in the initial stage of the buying process. Assess your space and begin to determine what type of elevator would best work in your home or building. Also, educate yourself about elevator safety guidelines and requirements so that you know as much as you can going into the project.

Next, make sure that you utilize a reputable business (like Transitions Lift + Elevator) to install the elevator. Having an expert from the beginning makes a world of difference. And once installed, make sure to adhere to the elevator’s operation and maintenance recommendations. (Transitions can assist with maintenance issues, as well.)

Also, read your elevator manual so that you know how to operate it safely and properly. Each unit is different, and though there are some common safety features, the hands-on functionality can vary, so it’s good to be aware of the specifics of how your elevator’s safety features function.

Obviously, our experts here at Transitions are the perfect resource for elevator owners. Not only do we install and service many different types and brands, we also offer continuing education courses for architects and builders, so you can rely on us to stay up on the latest industry news and innovations.

At Transitions Lift + Elevator, we want you to have a safe and enjoyable elevator ownership experience. Let us help you make that a reality!

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