Have It All With The Bruno Elan Stair Lift

If your idea of having it all means obtaining a new stair lift at a great price, then the Bruno Elan is just for you. It provides all of the great standard features you would expect from a stair lift, plus it won’t break the bank. Not only that, it has a simple design that folds up well and fits easily into most staircases.

Consider the features you get with the Elan: backup battery power, flip-up features, large weight capacity, hidden drive system, discreet straight rail, and continuous charge strips.

Backup battery power provides peace of mind that, even during a power outage, you will still enjoy the same mobility you always do. The flip-up features allow you to minimize the stair lift’s impact on the available space when not in use. Plus, the seat and arms are adjustable, providing comfortable service to people of many different sizes. The seat also swivels for safer transitions between sitting and standing.

Once we install this stair lift, you will be amazed at how neatly it fits into the staircase. The drive system is hidden, quite, and efficient. Plus, the vertical straight rail may be installed within just five inches of the wall. It really does make a difference.

Given all of the reassuring features in the Bruno Elan (plus the price!) it’s no wonder that Elan owners end up feeling like they really do have it all. Come check out one of these for yourself at our showroom or call for more details.

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