Get a Lift Handling Packages in Your Warehouse

For good reason, we talk a lot about our home accessibility products, including stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, and elevators. That said, we have plenty of options that enhance industrial operations, as well.

For example, check out our Series DB Package Handling Lift. This tough machine allows for the throughput of four loads per minute and is ideal for moving packages and boxes smoothly and safely from one level to another in a snap. Plus, it saves space by eliminating the need for a more expansive inclined conveyor system.

Not only does it spare workers the brunt work of transporting 100 lb parcels up and down stairs—it also features a full-height safety enclosure, further enhancing its overall safety profile.

The energy requirement is relatively small, and the maintenance is lessened by the fact that the lifting belt doesn’t require lubrication. The design allows workers to access the lift from multiple sides and angles and control its speed at adjustable rates.

In short, it’s just the lift a warehouse needs to get things more organized, streamlined, and under control. Call us today, and our experts can answer all your questions, get you prices, and get you started on a safer, more efficient system for package handling.

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