The Freedom Afforded by a Residential Inclined Wheelchair Lift

A residential inclined wheelchair lift provides multi-level access inside of the home. For those who cannot transfer in and out of a stair lift chair, this type of accessibility lift solves the issue of getting up and down from floor to floor.

Since an inclined wheelchair lift runs up and down a straight staircase, the stairs remain accessible to others living in the house, meaning everyone has convenient access at an affordable price.

With a wheelchair platform and safety bar, the wheelchair user has quick and safe functionality, going both up and down the stairs, while maintaining use of the wheelchair on all floors. This is necessary, especially for those who cannot transfer seats or would be in possible danger attempting a seat transfer.

If a residential inclined wheelchair lift sounds right for you, call us at Transitions Lift + Elevator. We can guide you through the decision process and assess your home’s ability to fit this type of lift. We have years of experience in making modifications that help homeowners accommodate the right lift for them.

Our goal is for you to have safe and effective accessibility within your home, and we want to help you achieve your own goals in a pleasant, professional manner that makes you a long-term Transitions customer.

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