Finding the Right Elevator for Commercial Buildings

If you are in charge of a condo, low-rise office, or place of worship, the chances are very strong that you will need an elevator to help visitors and occupants move from to floor to floor in the building. At Transitions, we have years of experience dealing with these solutions and have a wide array of elevators to offer.

Limited use, limited access (LULA) elevators serve an important function in the buildings where they’re installed. Often, they are installed into tight areas where regular commercial elevators simply wouldn’t fit.

Still, though, they sport many of the same features as their commercial counterparts, like automatic doors, lighting, and floor recognition, along with safety components that prevent problems for the passengers.

At Transitions Lift + Elevator, we have offices to serve the Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati, and Dayton areas. Our friendly and professional staff makes buying, installing, and maintaining an elevator such a snap. We’re licensed, insured, and equipped to make sure that you get the right elevator for your building.

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