Enjoying the Bruno Outdoor Custom Curved Rail Stair Lift

While many people have experienced stair lifts in indoor settings, it’s important to remember that stairs are everywhere—including in the great outdoors. And not only do people need a way to navigate them, they also need that way to be safe and efficient, as well.

Enter the Bruno Outdoor Custom Curved Rail Stair Lift!

Built with the same quality engineering as Bruno’s indoor models, these outdoor models can stand up to the elements and keep delivering consistent, smooth rides. Plus, these stair lifts are made right here in the USA.

The lift’s arms, feet, and seat all flip up out of the way when not in use so that space usage is maximized for everyone who uses the stairs. And landings are always safe and easy with the offset swivel seat design.

All of this comes without sacrifice in comfort. The lift offers a substantial seating area with adjustable width armrests and multiple seat heights from which to choose. And don’t question its toughness—the seat cushions are made from exterior marine-grade vinyl, and the lift works at temperatures ranging as widely as 0ºF to 125ºF. Wow!

With Transitions Lift + Elevator, the buying process is a snap, and installation is handled professionally and skillfully. Get the most out of your lift—call the experienced leaders here on our Transitions staff and let them get started on your purchase today!

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