Elegant New Home Vacuum Elevators

Earlier this summer, we were proud to announce the arrival of pneumatic vacuum elevators to our family of product offerings. Coming in three different size and weight capacities, these vacuum elevators offer a lot of flexibility, style, and hip factor along with the essentials of moving people from one floor to another floor.

Now that we are installing these elevators, we’re even more excited about them. The first thing you notice is how striking they look when they are installed. We all know that elevators are good home investments and historically have increased property values for their owners. But when you see a vacuum elevator in person, you really get a true sense of the “wow” factor.

Simultaneously futuristic and elegant, a vacuum elevator uses state-of-the-art materials to provide a safe, quiet ride. The installation is smooth. Maintaining it is straightforward. Plus, operating it is a snap for users of all levels, and the risk of freefall and getting stuck between floors is nearly counter to the very physics of the elevator itself.

Quite a package. Want to get a closer look and more info? Come visit one of our showrooms in either Lexington or Cincinnati, and we’ll show you the possibilities afforded by vacuum elevator technology.

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